Kelly, 42, understands the unique challenges that come with managing her mother’s medical care from a distance.

“My mother was diagnosed with a rare type of Alzheimers during the pandemic. It was a living nightmare to try to manage her new diagnosis from across the country and it left my younger sister in charge of her immediate care,” said Kelly. “I literally had to make multiple phone calls just to learn about her appointments – and I’m even her medical POA.”

A friend told Kelly about My Rare ID and how she could manage her mother’s medical details.

“My sorority sister told me about this digital platform she was using to keep track of her son’s seizure information and rescue meds. I wasn’t sure that it was a good fit for us, but I was willing to try anything.”

While My Rare ID gives patients a voice in medical emergencies when they might not be able to speak for themselves, the platform also provides caregivers access to the most recent version of their loved one’s medical records.

“Using a My Rare ID profile for my mom ensures that my siblings are all in the loop as we use the “Notes” section to update everyone on doctor’s appointments, tests, and changes to my mom’s meds and care plan.”

“Now I can focus on being a daughter when I speak with my mom and not just a caregiver.”

My Rare ID helps caregivers keep track of important medical details for a parent or aging loved one with special read-only access. Get your My Rare ID kit here.


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